What Is Customer Success?

I have a simple way to explain to those who ask me what Customer Success is. I’ve written a post about each one with more detail so click on the title to see the post:

The Department/The Customer Success Team

The customer facing team, often known as the CS Team. Comprises of Customer Success Managers and perhaps specialist roles for onboarding new customers or renewing existing contracts.

Customer Success as a Discipline

The best practices of Customer Success creates the discipline. Structure and processes aid the team to be able to work as efficiently as possible in their day to day engagment with customers.

Customer Success is a Culture

How do other teams engage with making customers successful? Well this is how far the company wishes to go with being truly customer centric.

Customer Success is an Art

Customer Success Managers have a particular skillset and often have similar personality traits that they make use of to develop strong customer relationships.

Customer Success is a Science

Lots of research from other disciplines has prepared the way for Customer Success tactics and enable the function to run in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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