Customer Success is a Discipline

Customer Success is a discipline because it has repeatable processes, rules, codes and is a development of knowledge, behaviours and practices that can be taught. Training is available online but there is so much scope for improvement and opportunity for further development. 

Customer Success Managers can all work in very different ways and as a leader it can be difficult to get the team all aligned to provide the same repeatable experiences, for not only the customer but behaviours that impact internal teams too. KPI’s can help shape behaviours and keep individual members aligned to the shared goal and outcomes but it does require repeated discussion and standardised (and agreed) processes that can be measured and regularly updated/honed to requirements.

Customer Success has technology that can assist with measuring and analysing behaviours to help the CSM be disciplined in their outreaches with customers but also for the leader to keep track of the activities and decipher what is impacting results and help shape training efforts for the individual or team. 

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