Customer Success is a Culture

Companies vary in their levels of customer centricity. Some pay lip service to the Customer Success department whilst at the other end of the spectrum, there are companies that are fully emersed in delighting the customer in every process across the business. Is your company easy to do business with? If your answer is no then you’re not as customer centric as you need to be. 

Different shades of grey I have been known to call it this. The challenge is this: decisions are often made internally without giving the customer a second thought. What is the path of least resistance for us internally, they ask? Not, what would be best for the customer. 

The role of the professional in customer success, and most importantly those that have influential leadership positions, is to challenge and to advocate for processes to be customer centric. This won’t be easy and take it from me, it takes a LOT of education and energy to champion this approach. Often you will want to give up or select the areas to take that stance, but I must encourage you not to lose hope. It will require more collaboration with internal departments than you’ve had before and what will feel like a constant stream of processes that need readdressing. It will be totally worth it, you’ll have to trust me on that!

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